Verena von Strenge, the singer of Dune, was born on 27 July 1975. Her career with Dune began as a Background dancer, as Dune still existed from Oliver Froning, Jens Oettrich and Bernd Burhoff. By this job Dune Verena's talent of her voice was detected, and from this point in time on Dune was Verena.

Verena's enthusiasm dancing began already in early child years. Already with 5 years she learned with her grandmother, who was a Ballerina, the classical dance. Likewise her career began as a singer, because of knee problems.

Dune - Verena

After Verena had produced the albums Expedicion, Live! and Forever with Dune, she started a solo career and left Dune in 1997, after the album Forever was produced. She published 3 singles: Finally Alone, Heartbeat and Part of your world. But the planned solo career didn´t run as she hoped. The planed Single Sky Follow Me and the new album Verena were chanceled and it became quite around Verena and Dune.

Therefore Verena returned in summer 1999! A new single followed, as the promotions for the new album Reunion. Very suprising for the fans, but once again the prodction and release were stopped when legal complications arose regarding the release of the song Heaven. Once again each member decided to pursuetheir own paths.

2003 versuchte Verena dann erneut mit Ihrer Solokarriere Fuß zu fassen, jedoch kam die geplante Single “Rain & Tears” ein Cover von Vangelis nie in die Stores.

2003 Verena started a new solo career, but the planed single “Rain & Tears” a cover of Vangelis never reached stores.

In 2007 Verena tried to comeback again under the project Moon Dust with the single Angles, a cover of Robbie Williams. Sadly, the single was a flop! Verena went back on her study in Berlin and worked as international recruiter at the Fox Mobile Distribution GmbH.

In the year 2009 Verena concluded her study successfully and since 2011 she works at plista GmbH. In 2012 Verena married and is now called Verena Adam von Strenge.

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