Dune 19951994/1995 - THE BEGINNING IS ...
It started with their year of success in 1995. Together with his producers Jens Oettrich und Bernd Burhoff, Oliver Froning a DJ from Münster, created the project "Dune". As unique project meant they published the single "Hardcore Vibes". That predominantly instrumentale Happy Hardcore Track contained simple melodies with only short Voice Samples and no singing. After the unexpected success of "Harcore Vibes" they didn´t want to let the project die as it was planned first.

So they covered an old Rozalla Song. "Are You Ready to Fly?" with guest singer Tina Lagao stormed likewise as the predecessor single the Charts and made Dune popular in all clubs and Radio stations.

The Debut album "Dune" appeared apart from "Hardcore Vibes" and "Are You Ready to Fly?". The album contained exclusively instrumetale Tracks, which varied between Happy Hardcore and Dance. Now it was clear, it had to continue with Dune. They wanted to find as fast as possible a fixed singer for the project, to support their Live concerts. And naturally in order to make very clear for the listeners: We are Dune! After a short time they found a suitable singer from their own series. Those to date as a stage dancer for Dune assigned Verena von Strenge was from now on the singing part of Dune. As the third single Dune took themselves their instrumental Track "Can't stop Raving" from their Debut album, that completely was revised, and under-painted with Verena's singing. Now the style slowly changed itself of Dune from Hardcore to Rave/Dance. Also "Can't stop Raving" shot like a rocket into the Charts, and now made Dune also over the federal boundaries popular. Particularly in the Netherlands Dune received large attention, where they still have a lot of fans.

'A rainbow to the stars - Einen Regenbogen zu den Sternen'. So one could define Dune's success, that in the following year undreamt-of extents assumed. With a completely new single Dune inspired their fans in 1996. "Rainbow to the stars" was the new single of DUne called. The style resembled much "Can't stop Raving". Some fans doubted that Dune's music would disappear in an "unit mash". This thought was far missed, because the second Dune album gave the fans what they wanted to hear. Now, the style of Dune had changed completely to Ravestyle. The album "Expedicion" contained beside very good Dance Songs, still the loved instrumental tracks.

The next single "Hand in Hand" surprised again a lot of their fans, who didn´t know the song from the album until this time. A merry Happy Rave Song with Verena's unique message: 'Let's go hand in hand into lovely land'. Furthermore in relation to the album version still another child choir was in addition-mixed, which made the Song perfect. The album "Live!" appears. Dune showed with their "Live!" CD that it is also possible to perform electronic music live. For the thirtieth birthday of the Sci-Fi cult series 'StarTrek' Dune published the official song "Million Miles From Home", which made Dune international popular. "Million Miles" showed again the versatility of Dune. With pitched singing from Verena this Track is up to here the'ravigste' from all tracks and described optimally the 'space fever', which broke off in 1996. Dune's success reached its highest point within only two years.

Dune - Oliver und Bernd1997 - WHO WANTS FOREVER ANYWAY
At the end of of 1996 came the shock message: Verena will leave Dune! She wanted to go from now her own ways, to start a solo career. Before Dune and Verena published the single "Who wants to live forever", an old Queen Hit neither synthesizer nor computer, no pitched voice of Verena. Pure orchestras song. "Who wants to live forever" became the largest success of Dune and reached position 2 in the German Media control Charts.

Dune published an album with ballads from old popsongs. Together with the London Session Orchestra Dune took up different older Pop Ballads in the London Abbey Road studios. "Forever" became likewise a giant success, and comforted the fans over Verena´s leaving, who from now on continued alone.

Next a further ballad single appeared, named "Nothing Compares 2 U". The covered Sinned O'Connor Song got few attention, and failed proper. Thereupon the planned publication of the third ballad single "Somebody" out the Forever album was withdrawn. Verena published at the end of 1997 her first solo single "Finally alone" ('finite alone').

Almost one and a half years the fans od Dune had to wait for the fact that finally a honour-worthy back-up for Verena was found. The even 21 years young Vanessa Hoerster, which sang before in a Coverband, took over from now to the Vocals with Dune. The first new single "Keep The Secret" changed the style of Dune again. This time Dune went again away from the Rave, the whole Song sounded more tranciger and contained Electro Samples. The marvelous singing of Vanessa made the song "Keep The Secret" very hearable. However, the song only moderately into the Charts.

Now the fifth Dune album was planned. "5" the next album with Vanessa, held in the "Secret style". The publication however hesitated. They wanted to release a second single before promoting "5".

Dune - Verena und OliverVerena was ready for her second solo single "Heartbeat", which would have become a big success, if her Label wouldn´t have taken it bock, and released instead of it the title Song from the movie Arielle. It was called "Part of your world".

Dune's next single "Electric Heaven" shifted many fans in frights. Completely in the 80's Electro style of Dance held Song got the Dune fans to hear. Although the Song was by far not bad, but many fans didn´t liked it. Furthermore it was added that the last two Singles were not published abroad, and Dune disappointed a lot of Dutch fans. After the easy Flop of "Electric Heaven" the plans for the planned album "5" falled. As result Vanessa Hoerster left the Project.

Again fans had to wait half year, until they heared something new from Dune. New single, new singer. A friend of Oliver and her friend substituted, in order to help out Dune. The Philipinerin Tina Lacebal took the singing part of the new single "One Of Us".

"One Of Us", an old Abba number, was again a ballad without Beats and Drums. Again the London Session Orchestra became "One Of Us" a really good conversion of the Abba Songs. At the end of 1998 the second Forever album followed, which carried the title "Forever and Ever". However, the success of "Forever and Ever" left out. Verena's plans for a further single felt in the water "Sky (Follow Me)" was never published, neither at radio Stations promoted. Their disk company stopped the information flow to their fans, and left then also still their official Homepage at the beginning of of 1999 out allegedly "financial reasons" closed.

1999 - 2001 REUNION ?
In the summer '99 it became now clear why Verena's solo career was terminated soundless and secretly. Since "Forever and Ever" nothing was heared at the official Dune Website. Suddendly it was published: 'Verena is back!' Those from the fans expected reunification had occurred. In spring 1999 Verena and Oli were running themselves "purely coincidentally" over the way, in order to talk about the music to vacate and in order old disputes from the way. The first new single with Verena was published at the beginning of November 1999 was called "Dark Side Of The Moon". The album "Reunion" should be released in Winter 2000. A new single will appear to 2.10.2000, it is a Remix of the classical song "Hardcore Vibes" and carries the following name: Dune vs. Trubblemaker "Hardcore Vibes 2000". At the end of October the album "Best Of" should come out. There four new unpublished Tracks are contained, all of Verena sung.

The year 2002 wasn´t a Dune year! Oliver worked on his own album and on the project 3AD. Many groups covered Dune songs, not bad, but not like Dune. End of 2002 Dune posted a happy message. Dune start a comeback in 2003.

About 3 years the fans have waited, but now Dune is back. With Rainbow to the stars 2003 Dune wants to get success. A new album is planed for 2003. But the planed album wasn´t released in 2003. No one heared anything from Dune. Was the comeback over???

The beginning of 2004 nothing was heard from Dune. Maybe that Dune will release a DVD for their 10TH ANNIVERSARY. The fans would be happy, if they do. Will Dune release their new album in this year? A album with 10 or 15 new tracks? This would be a great present for all the fans to make this young year a little bit sweet.

The year showed, that there never will be a comeback. No actions were done for their 10TH ANNIVERSARY. At the end of the year there were some lifesigns from Oliver and Jens with some other projects.

The prophecy, that Dune ends seems to be true. The true fans leave no doubt - Dune never start a comeback. Oliver is still working with full capacity at his project DJRAW. Maybe this summer Oliver will release a album. Jens works with moviemusic and KOY. It seems to be, that Bernd got a lot of work with Homerecords. From Verena no newer news known, since her single wasn´t released. Finally we have to wait, how the current year will evolve. In any case, this fanpage still exists: "TO ALL THE RAVERS IN THE NATION"...

2006 - NO DUNE
It was no Dune year, Oliver released a new Net Release in October. The song called uTopia wasn´t bad number, but it is still gone calm about DJ RAW.

In April of the year is was time, and Verena get back into charts with a cover song from Robbie Williams "Angels". The ballad gone with Verena´s voice to an electro-pop ballad. But the success was not as great as they proposed and the project fast left the minds of the fans. The from Oliver announced DJRAW album came as allready suspected not in the stores.

Only patronization gigs on some Technoevents nearby the netherland border nothing was heared this year from the Dune Crew. Jens is very busy of producing TV and Promotion song. What Bernd is doing, do not know??? For 2008 it is the question, if there will be heared sonething of Dune. Perhaps Oliver would release a freesong in Inet, e.g. a sing from the none released Reunion album???

Again many Dunefans hoped on a sign of life, however hope was not assigned in a regard. Oliver tours quite often in various club and meetings in the Netherlands. Of the remaining Dunemembers there is not really much new. Verena is involved with Jamba. Jens lives at present in Berlin and probably dedicates themselves to the far film music. In the year again two of songs of Dune were covered or remixed , “Rainbow ton the of star” of Shaydie and "Can´t stop raving" of DJ Fait...

The year 2009 did not exhibit other characteristics at the beginning, like the previous years. At the mid of the year the first rumors arise that Oliver wants to publish anew single. As, When, Which and Where was located still in the stars. Suddenly there was the rumor that together with Mental Theo a remix of Hardcore Vibes 2009 will be published in the September of the year. The release date shifted however up to November 2009, where finally the message came that the release will take place in January or February 2010. Hardcore Vibes 2010 the single is called, with different vocals of Janine Kelly Fiddes, Oliver´s cousin, who already borrowed her voice during the first release to the song.

Moreover Oliver was much on the way in this year, particularly in the Netherlands and in the Ruhr district. During the meeting "We love the 90´s" myself had to become acquainted with the honor and experience to meet Oliver personally also liven.

With HCV 2010 Dune planed the great comeback, but again the rest of the Dunefans are gutted. While the electronic music had a revival, Oliver and friends missed to jump on the bandwagon. There will be no better opportunity for a long time. Just some remixes from HCV 2010 are published on the web, but no offical track itself. Nevertheless, Oliver was much on the way in this year,a lot of Gigs in the Netherlands and also in Germany. At the end of the year he made a little present and published an unreleased song of DJRAW from the year 2000...

May be Oliver will give some more songs in the web in 2011, which in my opinion is the future, publish song for free and earn the income with the Gigs.

In 2011 House n Dance music experienced a revival. Since years tracks cavort in the charts as well as in the clubs. Once again at the end of the year a Remix of HCV has been released, but not my taste. HCV was and is Happy Hardcore! An attempt to provide the song with current Beats is actually already doomed to failure. But it is beautiful to see that those song of Dune are still in the memory. Oliver was again industriously on the way and oscillates again and again between the Netherlands and Germany from club to club. It remains awaiting for the year 2012 how the trend moves on… who knows, perhaps there will be something… as well known the hope dies last!

2012 - CLUB'N'DUNE
This year for the Dune fans it was not really a good year. No new releases, only various Gigs in Clubs along the border of our neighbour the Netherlands.

Well folks, no news from Dune this year, only a few images on FB from Oliver. May be a new track in 2014?

In this year no new track was released from Olli and Co., but therefore Dune was for the first time at the Mayday. At the Twenty Dome of the Mayday Full Senses, Oliver and all the other stars of the 90s, let the hearts beat higher of all the (Dune) ravers. Overall, the 90s experienced a true revival in 2014. Dune was found on several gigs in Germany and the Netherlands. Towards the end of the year the signs of Dune pop up and it remains the hope that there will be a new single, maybe a new album of Dune in the spring / summer 2015.

Perhaps the question is answered: "Is there life on Dune?"

2015 - NO DUNE - I AM RAW
During the year the comeback get more and more in the focus, the open question was: "Dune or DJRaw"? Many pointed to a Dune comeback since Olivers cousin Janine again lent her voice an unknown song.

Dune - Verena und OliverMid of the year then came the sobering news that the comeback shifts to the autumn. In September it was finally over, but unlike as hoped by many Dune fans. There was no Dune comeback, but Oliver launched his new project "iamraw". With a remaster of the song "Let Your Dreams Come Alive" and the voice of Janine he went explosive and another five songs and remixes were released until December of the year.

Again no Dune comeback! Maybe Oliver will release at some unknown point the yet unpublished songs from the albums "5" and "Reunion". This would be great gift to all the loyal fans.

The long-awaited comeback of Dune came more and more apparent during the year. Finally, after 13 years Oliver aka. Dune released a new Dune song. Magic Carpet Ride in a remastered version and limited edition as CD / Vinyl saw the light of the "Dune" world. The vocals in the song are from Kate Wild a studio singer from Brighton, UK. Oliver set up his own label "Raw productions" and his wife Michaela Weinberg is his manager.

Many fans were enthusiastic about the new tracks that made their heart beat faster. This was also the case in divasteen dancecharts, where the song quickly reached the top in a very short time. In addition, the limited edition CDs were sold out within a few hours. A few days later Oliver also made it possible for fans and DJs to publish their own version of the song in a contest, and the Best 5 of 36 MCR remixes were officially released on 05.11.2016.

In May of the year, the next single came after the comeback of Dune into the "stores". At the beginning of 2017, Dune announced a remake of the classic Starchild. With the song Dune launched a trilogy and presented a whole new version of the classic. In addition, Oliver made it possible for some fans to create their own remixes and also to release the best ones. Other parts of the Starchild trilogy should follow in the near future. Towards the end of the year, it was also confirmed that there should be a new release of the ultimate Dunesong Hardcore Vibes in 2018. HCV 2.0 is announced for spring.

In addition to the singles and remixes Oliver was also on several events, gigs and clubs. Somewhat more unpleasant was the news earlier this year that Oliver and Bernd were arguing for Dune's naming rights. Unfortunately, there are no news in this chapter. Unfortunately, this dispute seems to have led to Dune now having a new logo and naming under Dune+.

2018 – DUNE+
The year was a quite good one for all Dunefans. Oliver released some new track as Dune+, alone or in collaboration with Jakka-B, Real EBC, Re-style or Loona. There are no news in terms of the arguing for Dune’s naming rights between Oliver and Bernd. Two dates at the court brought no solution in the conflict. The fans could be excited what will happen in 2019 regarding this chapter.

HCV 2.0 is shifted to the year 2019 as Oliver announced. Also in 2018 Oliver alias Dune+ had a lot of gigs. The 90ties wave had a new height and it will be excited if the wave helps Dune for a new success story in 2019.

With "Turn the tide" a new single from Dune+ was released since 2017. This time Dune+ featuring Loona published the cover of the orginal Silver song. On top a plenty of remixes from Oliver for several artists followed. HCV 2.0 is still pending and hopefully will be released in 2020.


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