Oliver Froning was born on 25 July 1963 in Muenster (Deutschland). His music career began 1984, when he received his first job as DJ RAW. 1992 was the year, in which the success-story of Dune began. In this year Oliver, Jens Oettrich, Bernd Burhoff and Plutone became friends. They produced the first single Hardcore Vibes. "....I believe, we made a few copies and sold them, and this was it already. It was another history, to climb into the Charts!"

Dune - Oliver

Then Jens went to the backstate of Dune, and Verena was adjusted as singer. So Oliver became one of the two participants of Dune. 1996 with the publication of the album Forever, Oliver showed his fans, that Dune not only produce Rave and Hardcore Beats. The new album was released, ans Oliver searched for a new singer, after Verena had left Dune.

Years later, Oliver released with singer Vanessa two new songs, with a mixture of Techno and Freestyle Beats. But also Vanessa left Dune, and Oliver had to start again. New singer Tina, new Classical album named "Forever and Ever". The album was a full success, but Oliver detected, that Dune´s popularity only get back with Verena! Then 1999, it was done. Verena was back, and the Project Reunion began.

At the end of 2004 it seems to be, that Oliver more and more concentrate at his project DJRAW. Again and again he plays around Münster and often in Sydney. For summer 2005 Oliver plans his first album release with DJRAW.

At last Oliver released a new track for private use, called uTopia. Actually (2007) Oliver works as Apple Solution Expert Audio at Musik Produktiv in Ibbenbüren and as system consulant for music production software.

2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Oliver has many Gigs in the Netherlands and in the Ruhr district. XMas 2010 Oliver made a present to his fans, an unreleased track.

Since 2015 Oliver releases some new trackswith his new project "iamraw".

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