Jens Oettrich was born on 6th March 1968 near Münster (Hamm). His music career began with the classical guitar, when he was 6 to 13 years old. With 14 Jens started his first band, the classical piano he learned from 15 to 17 years. With 19 years Jens got his Abitur and after the civil service his career began with first studiojobs as an ProTools programmer and keyboarder in Münster (Principal Studios) and Köln (Coconut Studios). With 26 years (1994) Jens met Oliver Froning and the project Dune was born.

Dune - Jens

Since the last single of Dune (Rainbow to the stars 2003) and also before Jens worked as producer and remixer for several acts and artists, e.g. for Black Legend, Randy Crawford, Sasha, Mabel, Namito and Koy.

2004 he wrrote and produced music for an ARD previous evening TV Series. 2005 the album of Louie Austen. Also Jens acts as LiveKeyboarder with the Berlin band KOY.

With his pseudonym Pete Clark has Jens feat. Thomas Falke "High Again" (17.05.2005) released.

2012 Jens acted as co-composer of the Olympic Song 2012 "Propane Nightmares" and workd on a TV project for Nova Film and produced the third album by Lemonbaby Diane Weigmann with release in 2013.

A suprise for the Dunefans occured in 2015, where Jens acted as guest on stage in one of Dune’s live sets in a German club.

Currently, Jens produces and compose music for national and international artists and enjoys composing for TV, Film and cinema spots, e.g. for Coca Cola or Lenor´s. Furthermore, Jens produces signature tunes for shows as the daily soap "Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten".

Last year, in 2016, Jens made the music notes for Disney´s "Binny & der Geist" and one of the most successful TV series in Germany "Club der roten Bänder Season 1 and 2", which won several awards. "On top" Jens was nominated for the Deutschen Fernsehpreis 2016 in the category for the best filmmusic for "Club der roten Bänder Season 1 and 2". Currently Jens is living in Berlin.

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